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In Honor of Latosha & Kiersten

The Story of Latosha and Kiersten

Meet CakeLipps sister, Latosha Jackson born at 1 lb 11 0z. The doctors told our mom she would not make it through the night. Well to everyone's surprise Latosha made it through the night because God had a plan for her! Here she is today at 44 years young!

Meet Kiersten, CakeLipps niece who was also born premature. Weighing in at only 1 lb 12 oz she survived the storm. God had big plans for her and most of all my sister Kyra never gave up on her baby girl! Look at her today, 9 years old with a very big personality! Preemie Plum Cake Frosting is in honor of them and all the premature babies. 

Preemie Plum Cake sticker.jpg
Preemie Plum Cake Frosting.jpg
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