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Beauty Tips & Trips by Dee
(We do not own the rights to this song)

Paint the Town Red, where Liners are our friend!!

Our Lip Icing are our Lip Glosses! They are highly pigmented, moisturizes and add great depth to your lips. Our Icings are also "KID FRIENDLY" and our BabyCakes love them all!
Our Waterproof Liquid Mattes are our Frostings. Enjoy our Frostings without drying out your lips and it is long lasting! Highly pigmented, paraben free, cruelty free, rejuvenates and most of all MOISTURIZES!!! So give your lips what they deserve! After watching this Beautiful lady hit the SHOP button below.

Dee is back again with Beauty Tips

Make It Work Girl (We Do Not Own The Rights To This Song)

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